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Become Accredited in the Grow Cube

  • Do you want to diagnose business performance issues quickly and easily?
  • Are you struggling to identify the most appropriate solutions to address your business needs?
  • Want a simple and effective tool to calibrate the 'health' of your organisation?

Organisations are complex, adaptive systems and in order to improve business performance you will want to know your methods to address the issues are proven. The Barefoot Group has spent the last five years working with organisations all over the world to address business issues.

The Grow Your Business (GYB) framework is the result of our experience, research and approach to consulting. It quickly gets to the heart of what's happening in a business. At the centre of this framework is a nine factor matrix, the Grow Cube. It is our belief that these are nine universal factors of business performance improvement: when they are in place at "healthy" levels, the business is growing sustainably.

This module will introduce you to the Grow Cube and how to use it. We reference our research and evidence behind the model. We will explain what it looks like if one of the components is missing in a business. We'll also share our ideas on how to address the nine factors if they are missing in your organisation. When a business is 'healthy' and operating with a common purpose, we all 'win'. Complete this module to find out how to use this powerful tool.On successful completion of the module you will be awarded a licence to use the Grow Cube.

Module Content

By completing this module you will learn about:

  • What is takes to grow your people, your teams and ultimately, your business today
  • The evidence-based Grow Your Business (GYB) framework of organisational performance
  • How the Grow Cube works as a powerful tool for data collection and analysis
  • How to to use the Grow Cube with simple and effective tools and templates
  • Apply your learning through a variety of activities, worksheets, videos and articles
  • Extend your knowledge by accessing the best resources and websites we've found for you


Accreditation Process

Once you've signed up to be accreditated, you will be assigned a personal coach by The Barefoot Group. We want you to get the most out of the course and your coach will guide you through the accreditation process. The coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and will prepare you to integrate the Grow Cube into your own business, thus maximising your investment.

Want to know more?

Go to our FAQs and read what people most often ask us about the GYB framework.

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